Pea Ridge Red – Parker-Binns Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the non-vintage Pea Ridge Red from Parker-Binns Vineyard and Winery located in North Carolina’s Tryon Foothills. A blend of dual vintages of estate Chambourchin masterfully bottled to produce an expressive red.

A nose of cola and over ripe red berries, tart raspberry on the tongue and a lingering earthy finish. Beautiful dark ruby in color and high acidity producing a full bodied wine with great legs.

We have a real fondness for regionally grown Chambourchin and this offering from Parker-Binns doesn’t disappoint.

13% ABV

$20 a bottle

Ships to 34 states (see website)


Maggie – Parker-Binns Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the Maggie from Parker-Binns Vineyard in the Tryon Foothills. This 2017 off dry white is produced from 100% Muscat Giallo.

Soft citrus on the nose, tropical flavor notes on the tongue with a lingering finish of pear and jackfruit.

Personal scoring on the American Wine Society twenty point scale.

Appearance: 3

Aroma: 4.5

Taste: 5.5

Aftertaste: 3

Impression: 2

Total: 18 – Gold Medal worthy!

Priced at $20 a bottle.

Ships: Only in North Carolina