Milk House White – Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the Milk House White, a scuppernong wine from Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard just outside of Shelby, North Carolina.


Fermented of 100% scuppernong grapes.

The state fruit of North Carolina.

Color of 24 karat gold……. just polished!

Intense musky nose, hints of honeysuckle, lemon, citrus, and butterscotch.

Distinctive sweet flavor notes of lemon, lime, honeysuckle, dandelion, green apples, bananas foster, and cheap brandy, with a long bold finish reminiscent of eating wild scuppernongs right off the vine.

Labeled as table wine (7 – 14% ABV). I’d guess close to around 10% ABV.

The scuppernong is a native Muscadine variety. The fruit is a large berry, bronze in color with amazingly thick skins. The oldest cultivated vine in the U.S.A. Is the Mother Vine, a 400 plus year old scuppernong vine in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.


Girls of Summer -Vineyard on The Scuppernong

Our wine tonight is Girls of Summer, a Strawberry Riesling, from Vineyard on The Scuppernong. This vineyard and winery lies along the banks of Eastern North Carolina’s Scuppernong River. Founded 1584? That’s when the first explorers discovered the bounty of scuppernong vines growing wild along the banks of the riv

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