Niagara – Rocky River Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the Niagara from Rocky River Vineyards in Midland, North Carolina.

Niagara wine is often reviewed as”foxy.” I’m not sophisticated enough to understand what exactly that means….so…..

Color of light straw.

Nose of country fresh honeysuckle, jasmine, and diesel, with slight hints of cinnamon.

Semi-Sweet. Light bodied and delicate.

Flavor notes of lemon drops, pear, green apple, and pine, it’s like biting into a juicy white table grape.

Winery Escapade scoring on the American Wine Society twenty point scale.

Appearance: 3 Aroma: 4 Taste: 4.5 Aftertaste: 3 Impression: 1.5

Total: 16 – Silver Medal worthy!

12.5% ABV

Priced at $14 a bottle

Ships: Only in North Carolina

View more at WineryEscapades.Com

Rocky River Vineyard


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