Bitchin Blackberry – Douglas Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the Bitchin Blackberry from Douglas Vineyards in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Grape wine with natural and artificial blackberry flavor.

Not sure of the base. I’d guess Merlot.

The nose is reminiscent of blackberry Kool-aid.

Sweet on the tongue.

Bursting with blackberry flavor on the tongue, just like a hot blackberry cobbler right out of the oven, fading with a slight tartness and subtle earthy tones.

9% ABV.

The owners suggested this one for us to take home as it is always one of their top sellers.

It did not disappoint. Very easy drinking.

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Peach on the Beach – Island Winery

Our wine tonight is the Peach on the Beach from Island Winery on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Pale yellow in color.

Chardonnay infused with fresh Carolina peach juice.

Nose very expressive of freshly sliced ripe peaches.

Sweet notes of stainless aged Chardonnay on the tongue, lemon, butterscotch, ripe honeydew melon, pineapple, kiwi, and finishing with big notes of fresh sliced ripe peaches.

The finish is reminiscent of many Peach infused Chardonnay wines.

12% ABV

$20 per bottle.

Silver medal winner in the 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition.

Peach Grape Wine – Menarick

Our wine tonight, in celebration of Chardonnay day, is the Peach Grape Wine from Menarick Vineyard and Winery in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley AVA.

Pale yellow in color.

Chardonnay infused with real peaches.

Nose very expressive of fresh sliced peaches.


Flavor notes of buttery Chardonnay on the tongue, mid-palate classic butteriness, butterscotch, and fresh baked lemon meringue pie, finishing with big notes of biting into a fresh picked ripe peach.

9% ABV

$21 per bottle.

Chardonnay Peach – Hilton Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the Chardonnay Peach from Hilton Vineyards in Monroe, North Carolina.

Pale yellow in color.

90% Chardonnay and 10% Peach wine blend.

Expressive nose of fresh sliced peaches, with hints of apple and yeast.

Sweet with flavor notes of fresh peaches, strawberries, green apples, green melons, and honeysuckle.

11% ABV.

$13 per bottle.

WineryEscapades.Com scoring on the American Wine Society 20 point scale.

Appearance: 1.5

Aroma: 4

Taste: 4.5

Aftertaste: 2

Impression: 1.5

Total: 13.5 Bronze medal

2015 Chardonnay – Judd’s Peak

Our wine tonight is the 2015 Chardonnay from The Winery at Judd’s Peak. The Winery at Judd’s Peak was located in Saluda, North Carolina and though now closed, once produced small batch hand crafted Chardonnay wines from their petit lot vineyard. This 2015 was the last vintage before the vines were uprooted from the Western North Carolina mountain soil. Our bottle signed by proprietors Kathy and Glenn, is numbered 109 of 375 total bottles produced in 2015.

Actually we love this bottle so much, we’ll just tuck it right back into the top of our wine rack. I’m not sure that we’ll ever open this bottle of Chardonnay. This bottle is representative of our love for local craft #NCWine


Dennis and Jenni


Purr-Fectly Peach – Cat’s Paw Winery

Tonight’s wine is the Purr-Fectly Peach from Cat’s Paw Winery in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This small craft winery is located in rural area just outside of Rock Hill, not far from Charlotte. A crisp Chardonnay with robust flavor of peach. #DiscoverSCwine

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