Wayward Son – KivelStadt Cellars

Our wine tonight is Wayward Son from KivalStadt Cellars in Sonoma, California. An “orange wine” 50/50 blend of Marsanne and Roussanne.

Co-fermented on the skins and aged sur lie in barrel for six months

Vintage: 2017

Bottle: 621

12.8% ABV

Scout’s Honor – Venge Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the 2016 Scout’s Honor Napa Valley Red from Venge Vineyard, Calistoga, California.

Semi-Sweet blend

Seventy-eight percent Zinfandel

Sixteen percent Charbono

Ten percent Petit Sarah

Six percent Syrah

15.3 percent ABV


$40.00 a bottle

Cruse Wine Tasting (NAPA)

Our wine tonight is a Cruse Wine Company tasting at Bond Street Wines downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. This California winery is producing small batch table wines from fine NAPA valley vineyards.

First we started with the 2017 Chardonnay. Light and crisp, orange and vanilla nose, not overly buttery, nice mineral finish. Only 24 barrels produced, $42 a bottle.

On to the 2015 Tannat, expressive nose, dark fruited, medium tannins, medium bodied. Only 10 barrels produced, $36 a bottle.

Finishing with the 2017 Valdiguié blend, peppery nose, light smooth red, with a lingering light floral finish. Only one barrel produced, $36 a bottle.

Burly Tasting – Napa

Our wine tonight is a tasting of several Burly Napa Valley. Both Cab Sauv’s are really spectacular.

We tasted the Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon at $80 a bottle.

Cab Sauv – Fisher Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the 2011 Wedding Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from Fisher Vineyard in Sonoma. Violets, white pepper, blackberries on the tongue. This wine is beautifully balanced and very expressive on the nose.

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