Pea Ridge Red – Parker-Binns Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the non-vintage Pea Ridge Red from Parker-Binns Vineyard and Winery located in North Carolina’s Tryon Foothills. A blend of dual vintages of estate Chambourchin masterfully bottled to produce an expressive red.

A nose of cola and over ripe red berries, tart raspberry on the tongue and a lingering earthy finish. Beautiful dark ruby in color and high acidity producing a full bodied wine with great legs.

We have a real fondness for regionally grown Chambourchin and this offering from Parker-Binns doesn’t disappoint.

13% ABV

$20 a bottle

Ships to 34 states (see website)


Maggie – Parker-Binns Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the Maggie from Parker-Binns Vineyard in the Tryon Foothills. This 2017 off dry white is produced from 100% Muscat Giallo.

Soft citrus on the nose, tropical flavor notes on the tongue with a lingering finish of pear and jackfruit.

Personal scoring on the American Wine Society twenty point scale.

Appearance: 3

Aroma: 4.5

Taste: 5.5

Aftertaste: 3

Impression: 2

Total: 18 – Gold Medal worthy!

Priced at $20 a bottle.

Ships: Only in North Carolina

Mulled Spiced Wine – Cupcake Vineyards

It’s a cold rainy evening in the South, so our wine tonight is hot mulled spiced wine. Our wine base is the 2014 Black Forest Decadent Red from Cupcake Vineyards.

Easy to blend, but choosing your wine is critical. You certainly wouldn’t want mull one of your better aging reds….save those. A nice red blend works best for mulling. Perfect for a cold rainy day.

Cruse Wine Tasting (NAPA)

Our wine tonight is a Cruse Wine Company tasting at Bond Street Wines downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. This California winery is producing small batch table wines from fine NAPA valley vineyards.

First we started with the 2017 Chardonnay. Light and crisp, orange and vanilla nose, not overly buttery, nice mineral finish. Only 24 barrels produced, $42 a bottle.

On to the 2015 Tannat, expressive nose, dark fruited, medium tannins, medium bodied. Only 10 barrels produced, $36 a bottle.

Finishing with the 2017 Valdiguié blend, peppery nose, light smooth red, with a lingering light floral finish. Only one barrel produced, $36 a bottle.