Riesling – Moselland Arsvitis

Our wine tonight is the 2016 Mosel Riesling from Moselland Arsvitis. This semi-sweet German Riesling is medium bodied and crisp with a aromatic tropical fruit aroma.

The actual bottle is an amazing work of art. A clear window on the front allowing viewing through the perfectly clear wine a painted scene of a rural church with a high steeple nestled along the banks of a flowing river with snow capped mountains standing prominently in the background.


Rosè – Parker-Binns Vineyard

Our wine tonight is the 2017 Rosè from Parker-Binns Vineyard. A Provençal Rosè of Merlot.

Strawberry and kiwi on the nose with crisp citrus notes lingering on the tongue with an off dry finish.

This Tryon Foothills Vineyard also offers amazing views and owners Bob and Karen are nothing short of rock stars.

Time Place Cinsault – Bechtold Vineyards

Time Place Cinsault 

100% Bechtold Vineyard out of Lodi. There were only five barrels of this wine produced under the Lodi Rules Sustainable Winegrowing program. This wine is made by Jamey Whetstone, a south Carolina Native, and made exclusively for the South Carolina market.

The label is a picture of the Ashley River in the low country of South Carolina

Goodwater Black – Goodwater Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the Goodwater Black from Goodwater Vineyards. Hand harvested Seyval Blanc grape blended with blackberry for a sweet decadent rich wine!

Goodwater is a small family owned operation with three tasting locations, including Pigeon Forge Winery just off Interstate 40 before the Gatlinburg exit.

Grape Peach – Hilton Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the Grape Peach from Hilton Vineyards in Monroe, North Carolina.

90% Chardonel and 10% Peach, the sweet fruit wine is light and crisp with citrus and light peach on the nose and ripe peach on the tongue.

Hilton Vineyards has a vineyard on family land in the neighboring county, which for years was a dry county. That led to the opening of their winery downtown Monroe. Hilton stays open late on weekend nights and offers the atmosphere of a friendly neighborhood tavern.

Riesling – Treehouse Vineyards

Tonight enjoying a bottle of Rock Quarry Riesling at Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe. NC with the gorgeous Jenni Mitchell Turner about to enjoy the comedic stylings of DT Owens and Willie Bee.

Yes the property sports three treehouses over looking the vineyards which can be rented for overnight accommodations.

Müller Two-Goats – CityScape Winery

Our wine tonight is the Müller Two-Goats from CityScape Winery in Greenville County (Pelzer) South Carolina.

This wine fermented from the German grape Müller Thurgau. Winemaker and vineyard owner Josh Jones commented that since Thurgau didn’t roll off tongue, it was given a name everyone could pronounce.